Four year-old Kindergarten at Nativity Jesuit Academy is our students' and families' first introduction to school. Students are challenged to learn the foundational skills necessary to be successful students throughout their time at Nativity Jesuit Academy. Teachers, along with educational assistants, work with students on an array of areas including but not limited to: social, emotional, academic, spiritual and fostering a love for learning. In addition, K4 scholars are taught the expectations and classroom rules that in turn help them be successful throughout their years at Nativity.

Middle School (5th-8th Grade)

The following six content areas comprise the core of the middle school academic curriculum. In addition to these courses, however, Nativity students learn through field trips, after-school activities, summer camp learning, and daily after-school study hall.

English Language Arts
Nativity Jesuit Academy's English Language Arts curriculum prepares students for success in rigorous, Catholic, college prep high schools and in life. In order to achieve this, teachers use a blended learning model to differentiate the instruction on computer software while providing direct instruction to smaller groups within the classroom. The curriculum relies on Common Core State Standards and Engage New York curriculum to guide units and lessons.

The English Language Arts curriculum fulfills the mission of NJA by scaffolding skills in reading, writing, language usage, speaking and listening. Students read and respond to a wide range of writing to build an understanding of written materials, of themselves, and of others. They can write clearly and effectively to share information and knowledge, to influence and persuade, to create and entertain. Pupils learn how to listen and speak clearly and effectively for diverse purposes and to apply their knowledge of the nature, grammar, and variations of American English. We encourage independent reading skills through Nativity's Accelerated Reader Program in order to develop a lifelong love of reading. Finally, in light of Nativity Jesuit Academy's Latino population, immigrant and cultural issues are explored, and teachers strive to connect English language usage to Spanish, which is many students' first language.

Through varied methods, Nativity's math curriculum allows students to work at a level that helps them master the content. Due to the long-term and building (comprehensive) nature of mathematics, more individual attention and rigorous curriculum allows instructors to assist students in deeper concept comprehension and ease of future recognition and skill application. Incorporating independent learning on blended learning software engages these skills amongst learners in applied problem solving. Through whole-group instruction, split-class rotations, and cooperative learning, teachers expose students to the material in a variety of formats.

Nativity strives to encompass Jesuit values and live out Catholic social teachings. Ignatian qualities of being open to growth, loving, religious, intellectual competence, and committed to justice are at the core of our religious education. We teach core values through religious curriculum and Church doctrines. The religious curriculum is structured according to Milwaukee Archdiocese standards. Students use archdiocesan resources along with other primary source texts, scripture, and prayer. This allows the students to develop intellectually and spiritually based on analytical and critical thinking. Students are heavily encouraged to question their faith and formulate their own personal spirituality.

Science at Nativity Jesuit Academy is experiential in nature and allows students to explore various scientific principles to gain critical thinking skills. Students spend time learning about a wide variety of science disciplines and work towards perfecting the scientific method to make a deeper examination of the process of scientific inquiry. Our middle school science curriculum covers a wide variety of content areas including topics in Earth science, life science, and physical science. The curriculum is aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards as well the Archdiocesan science standards. Common Core reading and writing standards are implemented and assessed throughout the science curriculum.

Social Studies
Social Studies is taught to promote civic competence through the study of history. Within the school program, Social Studies provides coordinated exposure to disciplines including geography, history, economics and religion. The Archdiocesan social studies exit expectations set the foundation for the scope and sequence of the material. The primary purpose of Social Studies is to help students develop the ability to make informed and reasoned decisions, consistent with Catholic beliefs and teachings for the greater good as citizens of the larger society.

Nativity believes that language is at the heart of human experience, and that in today's United States and today's wider world, second language proficiency has become especially important. This is even more the case for Nativity students given their Latino identities. The knowledge of English and Spanish is beneficial, not just separately, but also at the points where language and culture intersect.



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